A selection of Florence events in september selected by cuckoo florence. What's going on in florence in september.
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After all, a good reason to feel better about summer ending… 

September is coming and with it a lot of great. Here you find a selection of what’s going on between Florence and Prato. In Florence the culture is starting to shine again because of some associations and few administrators understood the city cannot leave only because of stunning paintings from the ‘500 and dark churches freeze in time (even if they are super beautiful and incredibly precious!). Florence is firs of all a living vibrant city and is really important not to let the local people to go away. The authenticity of a city is itself part of its charm. 



2 sept – Marlene Kuntz + Verdena – Piazza Duomo – Prato
If you’re curious and want to experience some Italian rock this is the place to be!

3 sept – Goran Bregovic – Piazza Duomo – Prato
One of the most internationally known modern musicians and composers of the Balkans. Finally in Florence!

3 – 24 sept – 50100 Maxwell streetThe blues in florence markets .
4 free morning concerts in 4 Florentine markets so you can buy fruit and vegetables while you dance! This is one of our favourite Florence event.

6 sept – Air + Public Service Broadcasting – Piazza Duomo – Prato
After 6 years the french duo come back in Prato and, of course, we are going to listen them. You can call me nostalgic, I don’t care 😉

7 sept – Cat Power – Anfiteatro delle cascine – Florence
This great artist has a long history of erratic performances but when she does do well, it could literally stand as sublime. Point of the story: take your place and have fun anyway 🙂

8 – 10 sept – NEXTECH FESTIVAL – Various locations – Florence
Nextech is one of the oldest electronic music festival in Italy. This is the 10th year,  electronic music and visual ambience in different locations. Check out the program.

14 – 30 sept – FIRENZE SUONA CONTEMPORANEA Various locations -Florence
Another classic event of music in town. This huge international festival combines music of the twentieth century and contemporary plus visual art. What Else?



8 and 10 sept – Zubin Mehta – Opera di Firenze.
I have a couple of tickets for the 8th’s concert. I bought them few months ago already and I’m really excited to finally see this amazing Indian conductor who made the history of classic, modern and contemporary music. Let’s say something about him: in a London appearance in 1961, Mehta became the first Indian to conduct a major British orchestra.

17 sept – Omaggio a Paganini – Teatro Niccolini – Florence
This could be a good excuse to visit one of the oldest theatre in Florence. It was reopened last year after a long closure (and after 20 years of renovation!!!).

18 sept – Vivaldi’s The four seasons – Basilica di Santo Spirito – Florence
One of the most beloved and famous works of classical music performed by the Orchestra Florence Symphonietta.

27 and 29 sept – Semiramide by Gioachino Rossini – Opera di Firenze
A super chance to attend the Opera.



16 sept – Hashitomi – Teatro della pergola – Florence
is probablyone of the oldest and most distinguished forms of Japanese theater tradition. Come to descover it.

23 – 28 sept – Sognare a teatro – Teatro della Pergola – Firenze
A strange experience just for 12 lucky viewers. Almost a full experience from the evening to the morning passing also through the normal sleep.


23 sept / 22 Jan 2017 – Ai Weiwei – Palazzo Strozzi – Florence
Florence will present Italy’s first major retrospective dedicated to one of the world’s most celebrated and influential contemporary artists: Ai Weiwei. A dissident artist with a leading voice, he is known world-wide as much for his challenging contemporary art practice as for his political activism. This major exhibition will include key monumental installations, sculptures and objects, as well as videos and photography series produced throughout his career.


3 and 4 sept –  Fierucola del Pane – Piazza Santo Spirito – Florence
I love to visit the Fierucola every 3th sunday if the month. Since I can still feel the mood of the past, find fine handcrafts and special food no one makes anymore. It can seem pretentious but it difficult to be a farmer at the present days, with all the rules and the big company against you. Is not easy even for me to spend more money to buy bread without chemical agents, for example, because at first I don’t realise how is complicate to do that by yourself like our forefathers used to do. The same is for any kind of product we are habit to buy at the supermarket.

I don’t say we have to buy organic, fair and super expensive food otherwise we are bad people. I’m just saying that sometimes we should stop for a second and think about all the cream, food and object surrounded us without a real meaning. 

11 sept – Flea Market – Piazza Santo Spirito – Florence

17 – 18 sept – Flea market – Piazza Vittorio veneto – Florence

25 sept – Flea Market – Piazza Ghiberti – Florence


I have some places covering my personal interests in Florence. Please have a look to their calendar and make a reservation if you like to take part to it.

Teatro del Sale – Via dei Macci 118/red
Good brunch/buffet for lunch (since 12am for € 20) and bohémien dinner with theatre performances. The chef is quite famous in Italy and is interesting to see him cooking from the huge wall glass between the kitchen and the dining room.

Opera del Maggio Fiorentino – Via Vittorio Gui 1
The realization of the new Opera House fitted out with the most innovative and technical scenery equipment and the endowment of a modern and efficient auditorium established for the city of Florence. The perfect location to enjoy the best performances of classical and contemporary music, where Italy has historically held undisputed supremacy.

Teatro della Pergola – Via della Pergola 12/32
The Pergola is much more than a theater, it is a living cultural center. It has multifaceted activity, which finds its culmination in the great season of prose, but is home to hundreds of different and important events. It is extremely exciting to breathe in a theatre have exceeded 350 years after the inauguration and is still vibrant.

Cinema Stensen – Viale Don Minzoni 25/C
Movie since the early morning. This cultural association is run by excellent, smart people. The usual program include restored classics Japanese to new less popular releases.

Cinema Odeon – Piazza Strozzi
One of the oldest movie theatre in Florence. The program always take care of original version movies.

Spazio Alfieri – Via dell’Ulivo 6
This theater is super close to Cuckoo Florence apartments. They have a cultural approach showing movies, theatre, music and visual arts.

Le Murate – Piazza delle Murate
Located within the complex of the Murate, the super old former prison in Florence. Is inserted in a context of multiple cultural initiatives, serving as a landmark of international scope. Le Murate is a place of confrontation between opinions, the meeting of different cultures and originality of the proposals: literary, artistic, gastronomic.


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